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1-on-1 Strategy Call - $250

Do you want to know if the budget for your next project is realistic?

Want to know if that fancy new technology your software vendor is going to use is a good fit for your project?

The strategy call is a 1-hour video call that allows us to discuss any questions you have about your upcoming software project.

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Concierge Service

Hiring a software vendor is difficult.

You want to make sure you get the most for your money so you ask for quotes from several vendors. When you get the proposals back they’re filled with jargon and estimates. If you haven’t built complex software before, or it’s been a while, they’re hard to follow. Most companies end up picking the second cheapest option and hope for the best.

The process doesn’t have to be that hard and I can help guide you through the process.

We’ll start by looking at what you want to achieve and making sure a custom software project is the best use of money.

Then I’ll help you understand all the proposals and make an educated decision on which one you want to accept.

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If you’re not ready for any of these services check out all of my free articles that will help you plan for your next project.

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Hi! I’m Brent Smith and have been a professional software developer for over a dozen years. I’ve worked with billion-dollar enterprises and built software teams from the ground up. I’ve run my own software companies and know what it takes to build custom software applications. Now I help business leaders hire custom software vendors.

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