Are you having trouble choosing a software vendor?

Are you wondering:

  • Is this project a good investment?
  • Is this quote fair?
  • Can I reduce my cost and still get what I want?
  • Do I have the expertise to evaluate these proposals?
  • Is this company going to build something that will last?

You’re not alone.

Hiring a software vendor is a difficult and expensive decision.

Most advice you find online will say things like “reject the cheapest option” or “choose the team with the most experience.”

What if the team with the most experience also gave you the cheapest quote? Do you accept it or reject it because there are more expensive options?

This site is for you. I write free articles to help you go from evaluating your software needs to finding the right partner to build your application.

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Hi! I’m Brent Smith and have been a professional software developer for over a dozen years. I’ve worked with billion-dollar enterprises and built software teams from the ground up. I’ve run my own software companies and know what it takes to build custom software applications. Now I help business leaders hire custom software vendors.

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